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The 1999 Colorado Natural Building Workshop drew attendees from all across the country. I met people from Washington (state and DC), Maryland, California, Illinois and Texas to name but a few.

An appropriately rustic sign welcomed us to Sundial village in Rico, Colorado, elevation 9000 feet. I'm glad I had the 5000 foot headstart at home to acclimate to the thin air.
That's me at the Ale & Bale Cantina. What you don't see is the brace on my knee. One week before the workshop, I tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my right knee.
SunSense Solar had their demo station on site. Having both photovoltaic panels and a wind driven generator, it represents a hybrid system less affected by weather. If the sun is blocked by clouds, chances are the wind is blowing. And a calm, still day probably has plenty of sunshine.
A Solar Oven collecting the heat of the sun. Too bad there wasn't a batch of cookies baking inside.
The temperature inside the oven was a very useable 360 degrees Farenheit.

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Mike Ramsey
Tue Aug 03,1999